Find And Share Your Top Tweets With CrowdRiff


Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 11.26.21 AMDo you know what your most successful tweets are? If not, WHY not?

My Top Tweet ranks your top ten most-shared tweets and shows you the number of retweets you’ve had for each one. Learning what resonates with your audience could not be simpler.

The site was created by CrowdRiff, a platform which helps brands measure the value of consumer actions online and the influence of individual fans (find out more from this post). Think of it as a customised Klout score for brands.

My Top Tweet has recently been relaunched, with a new design, higher speeds, and results refreshing every 24 hours.

Once you know which tweets are working, you can start to figure out why, and use this knowledge to improve your reach in future.

Not only that, but you can use My Top Tweet on your competitors, too, and find out what works for them. Devious, right? You know you love it.

This is a pretty essential resource for individuals, businesses and agencies alike – because if you’re looking to build brand awareness, you’ll want to understand what has been successful with your existing fan base in the past. And this platform helps you do just that.

And you can even learn from brands and public figures who aren’t your competitors. It’s always useful to see what posts have been successful for others and catch wind of an early trend.

Here’s an unexpected item to consider: Chris Hadfield posted several stunning shots of Earth from space — including one of the northern lights — but nothing got his fans as excited as him performing David Bowie’s Space Oddity from the International Space Station.

For more surprising (or are they?) top tweets, check out Obama, the Dalai Lama, and Sh*t Girls Say (bet you never thought you’d see all those in the same sentence).

And are you seeing any suprises in YOUR top tweets? Go ahead and share them below.


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