Financial Times Calls Social Media Its Fastest-Growing Source of Referral Traffic


In the checkout stand at the grocery store, the front page of a publication is what grabs a reader’s attention. Online, headlines and high-quality images are still valuable, but the homepage is not always a reader’s first point of entry. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ also play their part in distributing the news.

Do social shares actually lead to more page views?  According to the Financial Times, they do. In the last six months, referral traffic to from social media sites has grown by 20 percent.  That’s faster than any other traffic source, according to the publisher.

The Financial Times reaches 3.9 million readers around the world on social media channels, 49 percent of whom are in the UK or the US, with the remaining 51 percent from other countries.

The UK-based publication’s customer and market insight team surveyed more than 1,000 readers in June and July 2012 to find out how they were using social media to catch up on the latest business news.
Respondents agreed that social media was a positive influence: 58 percent of the audience said that FT’s social media presence enhanced the publication’s reputation, while 40 percent reported that it made them read FT more often.
 See more statistics in the infographic below, courtesy of the Financial Times.


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