Finally, a witty web series about the everyday lives of modern black women




Ackee & Saltfish is a delicious web series

Created by British filmmaker Cecile Emeke, the show is a hyper-narrow look at the everyday lives of two black best friends in England. Each episode is propelled by one little thing going wrong — not getting Lauryn Hill tickets, eating the end pieces of bread, etc. — which spirals into the kind of rapid-fire banter you’d find in any Aaron Sorkin production. Aside from the witty rapport, the show manages to be a unique slice of life because of its fresh look at modern black women.

Ackee & Saltfish is an unfettered, fly-on-the-wall series about black friendship free of stereotypes. Main characters Rachel and Olivia are allowed to be their full selves, dressing how they want, wearing their hair as they want and talking about whatever they want. Because of this, the series has a devoted fan base eager to light up Twitter and share each new episode when it airs on Sundays. Read more…

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