Finally, a Tweetdeck for Instagram


Marvel, the London-based prototyping platform, has created Picdeck to organize your Instagram feed. Like Tweetdeck, the web app allows you to add columns based on users or hashtags, making it easier for users to follow live updates on certain topics, something that Instagram on the web is notoriously bad at.

The web app was created in one of the company’s hack-days, so it’s still lacking a lot of features, like mobile optimization, support for multiple accounts and the ability to create posts within the app. However, co-founder of Marvel Murat Multu told The Verge:

Imagine a column for Wembley Stadium or Ferguson etc…We’ve nearly finished location columns so that will go in soon. I think we’ll set aside some time each month for the team to keep adding to it, although there’s a ton of other hack day ideas we have so maybe next month we might have something better, who knows!

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