Film Stars and Their Cars [Infographic]


Film Stars and Their Cars [Infographic] image film stars and their cars1

We start wondering if Audi has any kind of agreement with the leading Hollywood stars, since most of them love and own one of these German vehicles. From Johnny Deep to Daniel Craig, as well as Nicole Kidman or Sandra Bullock, every one of them has a black, white or silver Audi (their favorite colors).

Since August Horch founded the company, in the late nineteenth century, Audi has been growing worldwide, becoming one of the most famous automobile brands. In 2006, Audi sold over 900,000 vehicles, some of them to the Hollywood stars, for sure. Are you curious to know more about the favorite cars of the stars? Check our latest infographic and find out everything.

You’ll see that besides Audi and the beloved Toyota Prius, some stars also enjoy their Lexus, Toyota’s luxury vehicle division that enjoys a very positive reputation based on the quality of its products. Everything started in 1983, when the president of Toyota Motor Corporation challenged his executives to develop the best luxury car in the world. The project had 1,400 engineers and 2,300 technicians working full time and resulted in 450 prototypes. The first Lexus, the LS 400, was finally launched in 1989, and achieved a prominent position due to its technology and design. Leading stars like the beautiful Mila Kunis or the exotic Hale Berry love their Lexus, which they proudly drive around.

These are just some of the examples we have to show you how Hollywood celebrities are quite simple when it comes to cars. Unless we are talking about speed lovers like Nicholas Cage, who owns a fast and expensive Ferrari Enzo, or Jamie Foxx, the owner of a stunning Lamborghini Murciélago. To find out more about the stars and their cars check our new infographic and discover who drives what!


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