Fake Hurricane Sandy Photos Blow Through Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter


Today the Internet is full of astonishing photos of Hurricane Sandy, the category-1 hurricane that’s working its way along the East Coast.

Unfortunately, a lot of the most dramatic images are stock photos that have either been altered or simply reused. Want to know which pictures are real? Here are three places you can go.

1. The Atlantic will be sourcing, updating, and labeling its list of popular photos with big graphics that separate the real pictures from the fake ones.

2. The Tumblr blog Is Twitter Wrong is also keeping a running tally of phony images that are trying to pass for Sandy wreckage.

3. The Guardian is asking readers to help them document the fake photo phenomenon by using the hashtag #FakeSandy on Twitter.

The image above, which was taken by SocialTimes this afternoon on Van Brunt Street in Red Hook, Brooklyn, is real.

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