Facebook’s News Feed Update Makes Room for Non-Friends


Facebook today unveiled a redesigned News Feed that finds a place for company pages, music, and even ads among friends. Reporters from two of our sibling blogs brought home the details from a press event in San Francisco earlier today.

Wrote Justin Lafferty of AllFacebook:

“Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, ironically enough, compared the company’s vision to that of a newspaper. If users just want to see stories about Wall Street, they can flip to the business section. On this new Facebook news feed, if users just want to see posts from their friends, they can simply select that, and their news feeds will only be populated by their personal connections. Facebook feels that this redesign will make it easier for users to access and read what they want.”

The media world has yet to see a newspaper quite like this. The other verticals, which include “photos,” “music,” and pages people are “following,”  have more to do with the type of media or the source of the information than the subjects of the posts.

Facebook’s new Time Line will also feature larger ads. Wrote Brittany Darwell of InsideFacebook:

“Just as user stories are richer, advertisements too get more engaging visuals in many cases. At the same time, ads have a new prominent ‘hide’ button that is not hidden under a drop-down menu, as it continues to be for most non-sponsored content.”

Existing ad units like Page posts, ads, and Sponsored Stories will still exist, but they will be laid out differently and will now include social context, or the names of friends who have liked the advertiser’s page.

The company will be rolling out the changes gradually. To get them sooner rather than later, click here.

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