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Facebook Updates Patent Filing Related To Real-Time Search


PatentMagnifyingGlassFacebook filed for a patent in April, “Real Time Content Searching In Social Network,” and the social network updated the filing Thursday, with the patent still pending.

SearchBlog reported on the patent update, saying that it covers a method for receiving, identifying, and indexing posts by Facebook users. The abstract reads:

Indexing and retrieving real-time content in a social-networking system is disclosed. A user-term index includes user-term partitions, each user-term partition comprising temporal databases. As a post is received from a user, a user identifier, a post identifier, and a post are extracted. An object store communicatively coupled to a temporal database for recently received content is queried to determine whether terms in the post have already been stored. A term identifier is stored in the user-term index with the user and post identifiers. A forward index stores the post by post identifier. Responsive to a search query, the user-term index is searched by the user’s connections and the terms. A real-time search engine compiles the results of the user-term index query and retrieves the stored posts from the forward index. The search results may then be ranked and cached before presentation to the searching user.

More details were provided further into the patent application:

The search or search results may also be filtered to only show results related to a particular connection or group of connections. A real-time search engine compiles the post identifiers from matching posts in the user-term index query and uses the post identifiers to access the forward index and obtain the storage locations in the object stores for the posts.

Readers: What do you think Facebook is working on?

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