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Facebook ‘True Intentions’ Matchmaking App TrintMe Now Available For IOS


TrintMeIconsFacebook application TrintMe — its name is a combination of “true” and “intention,” and it enables users to express their true intentions to friends or friends of friends — is now available for download in the Apple App Store for iOS devices.

Users choose “trints” to convey their feelings to friends or friends of friends — including “you’re cool,” “coffee,” and “romance” — and they are stored for 30 days. If there is a match, both users receive notifications. Users can also send anonymous hints to their targets, reminding them that trints are waiting. Unmatched trints are never revealed, eliminating the risk of awkward situations.

TrintMe parent Social Intentions Founder V.S. Joshi said in a release announcing the iOS app:

Unlike other apps, TrintMe is not about meeting new people: It’s about easing the process of taking the next step with current friends and friends of friends. With TrintMe, you will never have to regret missed opportunities again.

Readers: Does TrintMe intrigue you?

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