Facebook to SMBs: Use Ads Manager to Track Performance of Ads, Campaigns


GettingStartedAdsManager650The latest installment in Facebook’s Getting Started series for small and midsized businesses focuses on how they can use Ads Manager to track the performance of their ads and campaigns on the social network.

The newest Getting Started post reads:

When you run an ad on Facebook, Ads Manager helps you understand how your ads perform. In Ads Manager, you can find information on all the ads you’re running, how long they’re scheduled to run, the amount you’ve spent on your ads and much more. This performance information can help you improve your current ads and create more effective campaigns in the future.

Ads Manager is accessible no matter where you are on Facebook. Just click the arrow in the top-right corner and select “Manage Ads.” At a glance, you can see if you’re achieving what you set out to do with your ads with quick views of your ad campaign’s status, its results and cost. (You can also find Ads Manager on mobile.)

After you read your results, you can fine-tune your ads, including editing the copy and images or pausing ads. You can also adjust your budget and the targeting options for your ad audience.

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