Facebook Takes Another Huge Step Towards Video Dominance By Introducing “Facebook Live” Livestreaming


First Meerkat, then Periscope, and now, “Facebook Live”, Facebook’s response to create its own live streaming service directly inside of the Facebook platform. Users will be able to record and broadcast live events to share with their family and friends. Once a livestream is over, it instantly publishes to your timelines as a regular video.

Only a small group of U.S. iPhone users have the feature now, but once it’s rolled out to everyone, it’s quite easy to create a broadcast. Simply tap on “Update Status” and select the live video button, write a description about the stream, and decide who will be able to watch along. During the live stream, other users can comment on the video, and the host can see which of his or her friends is watching.

You can also discover live videos from celebrities and public figures, who have had access to this feature for a few months. If you want to see more from your favorite celebrities or closer friends, you’ll be able to subscribe and get notified when those individuals are streaming.

“This is a direct response to Snapchat, Periscope, and Twitter. Facebook wants to take a big piece from the current real-time news and live broadcast pie.”

Posted by Facebook on Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Facebook also released Collage, a new way to share photos on Facebook. This new feature scans your camera roll and groups together pictures that were taken on the same day. To create a collage, users can tap on “Photo” in the iOS app, and will see recent moments on their camera roll transformed into different collages. Users can rearrange, add photos, remove them, then add a title and share to Facebook.

Both “Facebook Live” and “Collages” are completely different, but they speak to Facebook’s mission of promoting sharing, connectivity, and real-time entertainment and information with your friends and family, either through live videos or collages. You can read more about the announcement from Facebook here.

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