Facebook Pushing Messenger on Developers, Too


EnablePrivateSharingWithTheMessageDialog650Registered developers on Facebook are also finding themselves on the receiving end of the social network’s hard sell of its Messenger applications, as many are seeing emails encouraging them to “enable private sharing with the message dialog.”

Facebook users have had Messenger pushed upon them, as well, with the social network removing messages from its flagship iOS and Android apps earlier this summer.

Reader Matteo Gamba shared the screenshot of the email above, and it reads:

Enable your app users to privately share interesting news articles or knowledge nuggets to friends who may find the particular topic interesting using the message dialog.

The message dialog lets users share your app’s content with their friends through Facebook Messenger. This is a great way for people to have private conversations with friends about your app. It’s a seamless experience because it uses app-to-app linking, so people can switch between the conversation and your app.

It’s easy to implement the message dialog and enable sharing content such as links, photos and Open Graph (examples: stories about reading a book, cooking a meal or running a race).

The email then contains buttons labeled implement on iOS and implement on Android.

Readers: Do you think developers will implement Facebook’s message dialog into their apps?