Facebook Privacy and Security: How to Stay Protected

Facebook Privacy

We spend more time on Facebook than any other site revealing almost every interesting and even mundane detail of our lives. In fact, 1.26 billion people worldwide are using Facebook including 128 million Americans – 11,000 of whom are on the fed watchlist. Also there are 600K logins that are breached each day, and worse, one in four people whose online data was compromised will later become a victim of identity fraud.

So what can you do to protect yourself and better control your privacy on Facebook? Don’t over share your information publicly or post anything that will embarrass you later in life. Turn off the location feature, especially if you are away from home on a mobile device. Don’t use an unsecured wi-fi network when using the site which can risk exposing personal and financial details. Change your password often and don’t use it on any other sites either. And never let “friends” automatically tag you in posts without your approval first! These posts could have nothing to do with you yet reflect poorly on your behalf.

Check out some other great Facebook privacy do’s and don’ts: