Facebook Posts Guide for Incoming Members of Congress


When members of the 113th Congress are sworn into office this coming January, they’ll have a chance to build on the social media tools that made the 2012 presidential elections so dynamic online.

Facebook is already throwing its hat into the ring with a new guide for Congress members on best practices for using the social network to stay connected with their voters.

Here are the top 5 tips:

1. Post behind the scenes photos and videos as you get settled.

Wisconsin Rep. Sean Duffy posts pictures from community events. (He also has a charming album of artwork from the 2011 Congressional Art Competition for high school students.)

2. Introduce your fans to your D.C. office and staff.

  • Create a welcome video.
  • Do a regular Q&A with fans.
  • Add milestones.

3. Explain the votes you take.

Michigan Rep. Justin Amash uses his Facebook page to explain his voting decisions on every law that passes through Congress. And he means every new law. Recently, he explained why he voted “no” on the Mark Twain Commemorative Coin Act.

4. Utilize Photos and Images.

President Obama’s digital team set records with this photograph of the President hugging First Lady Michelle, which was the most-Tweeted and shared Facebook post in history with 816,000 re-tweets and more than 4.5 million Facebook likes.

5. Add Facebook plug-ins to your website.

Facebook D.C. posted the entire guide online, which we’ve embedded below. It includes a Facebook Page checklist and further explanation of the site’s features for page administrators.

Facebook Guide for the 113th Congress

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