Facebook PMD Offerpop Integrated with Hootsuite


HootSuiteOfferpop650Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer and digital marketing software provider Offerpop is now integrated with social relationship platform Hootsuite, and access to Offerpop is available via the Hootsuite App Directory, the two companies announced Tuesday.

Offerpop said marketers accessing its offerings via Hootsuite will be able to:

  • Develop interactive, brand-relevant social campaigns and promotions.
  • Schedule targeted messages and posts, including campaign promotions, across multiple social networks.
  • Moderate Offerpop content submissions in real-time.
  • Continuously track performance metrics, including reach, shares and submissions.

Offerpop CEO Wendell Lansford said in a release announcing the integration:

The modern marketer is busier than ever, running multiple campaigns across a variety of digital properties to connect with today’s social and mobile consumers. Offerpop’s integration with Hootsuite simplifies social marketing with a complete command center that provides actionable insights to drive measurable return.

Hootsuite Global Director of Enterprise Business Development Kevin Zellmer added:

Social media will continue to evolve, and marketers deserve an open-partner ecosystem that fosters innovation, gives them choices and keeps social media operating the way it was meant to — organically. We’re excited to provide customers from both sides with a piece of that ecosystem through the integration with Offerpop’s market-leading engagement platform.