Facebook Paper Update Includes Notifications For Events And Birthdays, Photo Comments


Paper11Graphic650Facebook announced version 1.1 of its Paper iPhone application, with new features including notifications for birthdays and events; photo comments; group updates; and new article covers for select publishers.

The social network also said in a post on its new Paper blog that Paper users explore an average of 80 stories per day, across five to six sections, with Facebook representing the most popular section, followed by Headlines, Tech, Ideas, LOL, and Pop Life.

In addition, Facebook mentioned that some of its “more tailored” sections, like Pride, are seeing “avid use.”

The Paper Team offered more details on the new features in the blog post:

Life’s best stories often start with a big event or a birthday. To help you keep up with important dates, we’ve added birthday and event notifications to Paper. Tap the globe to open your notifications. Then scroll past your notifications to see birthdays and events. Now you’ll never miss friends’ big days or your plans for Saturday night.

Sometimes you want to comment on a friend’s post and words aren’t enough to express yourself. How about adding some color to your commentary with a photo? To add photo comments, tap the camera next to the comments field, snap a picture, and post a photo as your reply.

If you felt like you had trouble keeping up with posts from groups in Paper, this update will help. Groups have been in Paper all along, and now we’ve added unread counts so you can easily see which groups have new posts. To get to your groups, swipe down on any section cover to open the main menu. At the top of menu, tap the three-lines icon to the right of the search field. You’ll see your groups and other Facebook bookmarks.

You already know that articles in Paper unfold to show you stories from some of the world’s best publishers. Designer Sharon Hwang painstakingly crafted over 50 of these custom article covers for Paper so you can quickly identify favorite publications like National Geographic. In version 1.1, we’ve added many new covers to the collection. Now it’s even easier to spot articles from Bloomberg News, Mashable, Financial Times, Kottke, Fox News, Popular Science, The Hollywood Reporter, Vanity Fair, and Hacker News. Happy reading!

This update includes basic accessibility support, and an arrow indicator that tells you when there are new stories in other sections. We’re also continually working to make the app faster and more reliable.

Paper users: What do you think of Paper 1.1?