Facebook Mentions Box to Debut at Emmy Awards


FacebookMentionsBox650The 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony will be held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles Monday, and while not everybody will leave holding a golden statue, some celebrities will be holding a new device from Facebook on the red carpet.

Mashable reported that Facebook will debut its Mentions Box interactive device Monday, which will allow celebrities to answer questions submitted by Facebook users to the Access Hollywood page.

According to Mashable, the following celebrities will participate:

Mashable also described how the process of celebrities using the Facebook Mentions Box will work:

  1. A handler will give the portable device to a celebrity after choosing his name, her name or “general.”
  2. The celebrity will shake it like a Magic 8-Ball, causing a question to appear on the touchscreen.
  3. The celebrity will then record a video response.
  4. The handler will then edit the title and caption of the video response before posting it on Facebook.

Readers: Are you curious to see how the Mentions Box will be used Monday night?

Images courtesy of Mashable, via Facebook.