Facebook Is Encouraging Users To Pimp Pages – And Here’s Why You Shouldn’t


As you may have heard, you can now run promotions and contests from your Facebook page without a third-party app.

Businesses can collect entries and votes by asking fans to like, comment, message or share their content, which is all good news from an engagement point of view.

The only thing users aren’t allowed to do is use tagging as a method of voting or entering. Fair enough — that’s not what the tagging feature is there for, after all.

Still, for most people, this news is probably more of a “so what” than a “guess what”— because business pages have been doing this forever, right?

Right — but until now, running contests, competitions and sweepstakes was an offense that could get you banned outright if caught. Now, with the latest Page Terms update, Facebook is actually encouraging page-pimping.

But what does this mean for your business?

For one, it’s super-viral marketing. And it’s easy. Anyone can do it — and that’s the problem. Everyone is doing it. Your fans are likely to see it as spam, and that’s bad news. 

Negative feedback on Facebook can be a real problem, and it’s all the more dangerous because it’s not something you notice unless you’re on the lookout.

If your fans are opting out of content and hiding your brand from their feeds, you’ve lost them. It turns out there is such thing as bad publicity, after all. You don’t say!

A spurt of activity and brand engagement is appealing to any business, but if your fans are beginning to tune out, you know it’s doing you much more harm than good.

For those of you who are going to do it anyway, using a tool like SimplyMeasured to track negative feedback is essential. And, if you see a correlation between “Hide All” clicks and page-pimping — well, we told you so.

The goal is to build brand awareness, not brand weariness. By running page contests, you’re treading a very thin line. Do you agree?

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