Facebook, Instagram Help Drive Mercedes-Benz Campaign to Promote Its GLA Model


MercedesInstagram650Luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz used Facebook and Instagram to fuel promotion of its new GLA compact SUV, and the social network and its photo- and video-sharing network drove 54 percent more clicks to the model’s website than the overall control group did.

On Facebook, Mercedes-Benz “highlighted the GLA’s progressive design, premium interior and versatility,” and provided links to the GLA site.

And on Instagram, the automaker started off with its #ThingsOrganizedNeatly theme, encouraging users to post photos of items organized in neat and effective ways. A custom mat in the shape of the cargo area of the GLA was provided.

Second theme #GLAPacked asked users a simple question: What would you pack in your GLA?

Instagram offered more details on the campaign backing the Mercedes-Benz GLA in a post on the Instagram for Business blog:

When it comes to marketing, Mercedes-Benz is known for using creative that’s just like its vehicles — smart, forward-looking and meticulously crafted. That’s why when it came time to launch the new GLA compact SUV, Mercedes-Benz chose to use Facebook and Instagram together to tell its story to a targeted audience and create a campaign worthy of the company’s proud heritage. The results of this campaign show that advertising across both Facebook and Instagram can garner stronger results than a campaign on one of the two platforms alone, especially when branding and direct-response are combined.

With the GLA, Mercedes-Benz is entering the compact SUV segment for the first time and sought to boost awareness of the vehicle and spark conversation about the model in the months leading up to launch. Mercedes-Benz started developing its creative by looking at popular themes on Instagram to learn how it could participate with the community in a way that was relevant, authentic and, of course, visually stunning.

People who saw only branding ads across Instagram and Facebook (and received no ad driving click-through to the website) generated 54 percent more clicks to the GLA site vs. the control group.

But when we added Facebook direct-response ads into the equation, people who saw a combination of Instagram and Facebook branding ads followed by Facebook click-through ads saw a 580 percent lift in visits to the site (vs. control who saw no ads at all).

Mercedes-Benz USA general manager of marketing services Eric Jillard said in a case study detailing the campaign:

Using Instagram as part of our digital advertising mix means we can meet young buyers on their home turf. With branding advertising on both Instagram and Facebook, site visits jumped more than 50 percent. Combine that with our direct response Facebook campaign and the impact on lift was tenfold, driving users to our GLA model page to further interact with the product.

Readers: What did you think of the campaign by Mercedes-Benz on Instagram and Facebook to back its GLA model?