Facebook Gets an F for Back-to-School Shopping


PunchTabBackToSchoolChart650A recent survey from multichannel loyalty and engagement platform PunchTab revealed that 75 percent of moms do NOT intend to use social media for back-to-school shopping this year. And yes, that includes Facebook. Whaaat?

Out of the moms that do, the vast majority (22 percent) plan on using Facebook. So why does Facebook get an F, then? Well, I’m not sure what sort of schools YOU’VE attended, but 22 percent is a pretty dismal percentage to me.

But isn’t back-to-school the one time each year (other than Christmas) when parents are all inevitably buying very similar things? And, just like Christmas, wouldn’t it be a good time to start pooling resources, sharing advice and helping each other get the best deals on the things that everybody is buying?

Maybe not. Maybe they don’t need to — it seems most parents are entirely capable of finding their own coupons and product reviews. While back-to-school shopping, moms are four times more likely to use their smartphones to find coupons than they are for other mobile activities.

Nevertheless, it still seems unusual that so few parents intend to use social media channels to inform their back-to-school purchases — but then again, who actively browses Facebook for friends’ recommendations? Social media has a subtle way of influencing purchase decisions, and just because moms may not be seeking back-to-school items on Facebook, it doesn’t mean they won’t pay attention when they show up in their News Feeds.

So how CAN you snag these busy moms’ attention and money? You’ll have to download the latest research installment from the PunchTab Consumer Research Series (#PTCRS) to learn:

  • How much more, or less, moms plan to spend this year.
  • Where moms plan to shop — online versus in-store.
  • The impact of social media on back-to-school purchase decisions.
  • Where brand marketers should be spending their social marketing dollars.
  • The importance of smartphones and mobile coupons.

Good luck!

Moms (and dads): What role does social media play in your back-to-school shopping decisions?