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Facebook For Android Update Includes Ability For Home Users To Control Music Apps Via Cover Feed, Animated Stickers


The Facebook for Android Beta Testers program continues to bear fruit, as new features to the social network’s flagship application for the platform, which were added to its beta app earlier this month, are now part of the mainstream app, with the most dramatic addition being the ability by users of the Home Android overlay to control music apps they are using — such as Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora, and Rdio — directly via their lock screens.

As TechCrunch described when the feature debuted in beta in mid-August, users with Cover Feed activated will see double-tall notifications that feature the album artwork, artists, and songs being played by music apps, and tapping those notifications will enable users to pause songs, or skip to the next or previous tracks

The other new feature is the addition of animation to some stickers, including Pusheen, Beast, and Anooki wave, dance, and wiggle.

And, as is the case with most updates, some bugs were corrected.

Android users: Have you updated your Facebook app yet?

Screenshot courtesy of TechCrunch.

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