Facebook Doesn’t Know How to Advertise and Marketers Are Doing it Wrong on Twitter



There are always two sides to every coin. Despite recent reports that marketers are getting smarter about their tactics, Forrester surveys indicate that marketers are only half satisfied with the value they’re getting from Facebook and Twitter.

On the Facebook front survey participants say the social media behemoth with the “largest audience in media history” is the least effective digital marketing platform. Forrester Analyst Nate Elliott says there are two reasons for this:

  1. Facebook simply doesn’t fulfill the promise of engaging the fans. Even after fans click the like button on a page, volunteering to see brand messages, only 16 percent of those fans see the brand posts, Elliott says.
  2. Facebook doesn’t know how to advertise. Even with the shift to “pure advertising,” Elliott says Facebook is only 15 percent effective at leveraging the mounds of user data to show ads to relevant audiences. The result is that Facebook ads are the least effective of all online display ads.

The assessment of Twitter is only half as damning. According to Elliott, Twitter is heading in the right direction. But only 55 percent of marketers are satisfied with the service. So what gives?

  1. Marketers just aren’t doing it right. Since most people only follow a brand after having purchased a product, Elliott says the objective of using Twitter to increase brand awareness is misplaced.
  2. Twitter could be more supportive. While acknowledging that Twitter’s advertising service is still young, Elliott says it needs to mature quickly. “Marketers say they need more guidance, education, service, and support if they’re going to use Twitter successfully,” he says.

What, then, do marketers consider the most effective form of content marketing according to the Forrester study? LinkedIn is approximately 15 percent more effective than both Twitter and Facebook. Still, nearly 70 percent say they’re getting the biggest bang for their buck using email marketing, followed by customer reviews and search engine marketing.

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