Facebook Data to Help Shape CNN Debate Coverage


CNN will use data from Facebook on related conversation to help shape its future coverage of political debates.

Wired reported that CNN now has special access to the Facebook Data Science Team, adding that the partnership is not exclusive, and that other media outlets can strike similar deals.

CNN and Facebook will also bring the “Campaign Camper” on a 10-city tour, which will wrap up in Las Vegas Oct. 13 for the first Democratic presidential candidates’ debate, according to Wired, with members of the public invited onto the vehicle to record videos that will be featured on CNN’s website and Facebook page.

The cable news network told Wired the cities were selected based on their relevance to issues, such as Phoenix for immigration and Ferguson, Mo., for race.

CNN senior director of social news Samantha Barry told Wired:

Facebook has an enormous and engaged user base. They’re talking about politics, talking about issues and we know they’re talking about candidates. This partnership allows us to dig a little deeper, take that information and data and have it inform our editorial process.

Facebook director of partnerships Andy Mitchell added:

CNN clearly holds all editorial control. We want to help inform CNN in a number of different ways around what the conversation is around politics on Facebook, the scale and the ways real people can be involved throughout the political process, and defer to our journalistic partners about how they feel this content makes sense within the programming they’re creating.

Readers: What are your thoughts on the partnership between CNN and Facebook?


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