Facebook ‘Crap Be Gone’ App: Social Fixer


SocialFixerLogo650“I love every single Facebook feature and every spammy post that shows up in my News Feed,” said NO ONE EVER. No matter if you are a dilettante dabbler or a Facebook fanatic, you undoubtedly at some point or another have asked yourself, “Why does Facebook do it that way? And why can’t I change it — even a little bit?” There may be some foot-stomping involved depending on your level of frustration. Facebook always has its reasons, of course, and while it claims to want the best user experience, the reality is that the company has a bottom line to meet and advertisers to keep happy. So what is a poor Facebook user to do (besides dump Facebook, but let’s not get crazy)? Call in the Social Fixer — that’s what!

OK, it’s not THE Social Fixer for everything that ails you, it’s just Social Fixer for Facebook. But this browser plug-in designed by JavaScript developer Matt Kruse will let you do things with Facebook that will leave you giddy as a schoolgirl.

Want to filter your News Feed? Do crazy stuff like organize your feed into tabs, hide stories by keyword, author or app? Done.

How about hiding posts you’ve already read? Or automatically loading your page when you hide all those posts you’ve read? Yup, that’s in there, too.

Speaking of hiding, you can hide parts of your page. Never want to see prompts to like pages or sick of birthday reminders? Click-bang-zoom. Gone.

Or what about hashtags? Do you live or die by them, or are you on the #HateHashtags bandwagon? With Social Fixer, you can decide if you want to see them and how.

And these are just a few things you can do with Social Fixer — check out its full list of features here.

Social Fixer is a free service, but you can donate to help Kruse continue to upgrade and improve as Facebook continues to evolve. And to help keep up with the changes that continually occur, Social Fixer has its own Facebook page, where you can get the latest bug fixes, version updates and other pressing info.

Using Social Fixer will let you create the Facebook experience you want to have. Seriously, it will. See what you want to see, arrange your page the way that works for YOU. More efficient, less irritating and just in general more fun.

So why put up with a subpar experience when you can download this add-on and drive Facebook like a Caddy with the top down?

Readers: Do you use it and love it?