Facebook Bows Detailed Targeting


Facebook quietly introduced a new ad-targeting option, detailed targeting, which combines demographics, interests, behaviors and categories.

Reader Adomas Baltagalvis shared the screenshots to the right and below with SocialTimes, saying that detailed targeting enables advertisers to sharpen their focus even more so than with the social network’s existing targeting options.

Baltagalvis offered the example that advertisers can use the “and” rule to target Facebook users who like both of two selected criteria, and he added that detailed targeting is only available via Power Editor.

The help center page for detailed targeting can be found here.

Advertisers: What are your initial impressions of detailed targeting?

DetailedTargetingOptions DetailedTargetingLocation DetailedTargetingExcludePeopleOrNarrowAudience DetailedTargetingExcludePeopleOrNarrowFurther DetailedTargetingPotentialAudienceSize

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