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Facebook Birthday Card App Cleverbug Rebrands As CleverCards, Adds Features


CleverCardsBirthday-card mobile application Cleverbug is now social gifting company CleverCards, and the app is now fully integrated with Facebook, the company announced Wednesday morning.

The new CleverCards app, available via the iTunes App Store and Google Play, allows users to personalize and send photo-based greeting cards, both electronic and physical, and new features include:

  • Designs and products for all major U.S. and global holidays, as well as special occasions.
  • Facebook integration “for relationship-relevant, socially contextualized end-product.”
  • Integration for contacts outside of the Facebook network.
  • Global shipping at standard prices.
  • The CleverBook tool, which allows users to manage and curate their closest relationships and events.

Cleverbug Founder and CEO Kealan Lennon said in a release announcing the rebranding:

Today’s launch is just the tip of the iceberg for the kind of meaningful personalization and emotional significance we can bring to our products. CleverCards, our first and flagship product, gives people the ability to create and send beautiful cards for every occasion. They generally cost less than the drugstore, but mean infinitely more to the recipient. Imagine this capability across several gift categories, all from the palm of your hand.

Chief Marketing Officer Nick Ruotolo added:

CleverBook was created to enhance the social connectivity we’ve come to love from services like Facebook. The reality for most users is that many of the people at the top of our gifting list or the special dates that we most want to celebrate are currently not online. Think about the small children in your life or all those anniversaries we tend to forget. Now, there’s an app for that.

Readers: Have you ever created personalized cards via Cleverbug/CleverCards or similar apps?

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