Facebook and LinkedIn Collide on New Networking Site CareerSonar


The battle between Facebook and LinkedIn for dominance in the professional networking space may resolve itself with the help of a handy new tool. Launched today, CareerSonar connects to both LinkedIn and Facebook to give job seekers a complete overview of their personal and professional networks.

The job listings are pulled from job boards and corporate career sites across the web. From there, a patent-pending technology ranks each job by the quality of a person’s connections at the company (first degree, second degree, etc.) that’s similar to LinkedIn’s connection-based approach to networking, but also includes data from Facebook’s social graph.

A quick search for “editor” revealed 186 jobs at 44 companies from both of my social networks (and 623 other jobs at 390 companies), surfacing first the companies where my friends currently worked or had worked in the past. Many of these job listings came from Indeed.com, where jobs are normally listed by relevance and date.

After selecting a friend’s profile picture, I was given the option to “ask for a referral.” Clicking on the button revealed a surprisingly useful pre-populated message:

(For the purposes of this article, all identifying information has been removed.)

For professionals who are not actively seeking a job, there are also “sonar alerts” that automatically deliver job opportunities to the candidate’s inbox. The alerts can be sent on a weekly, biweekly, or daily basis. It’s not unlike the “jobs you may be interested in” feature on LinkedIn, but again, it includes Facebook opportunities as well.

While there are many people on Facebook who opt out of putting their personal information on their profiles, there are enough available to broaden the selection without having to convince others to join.

At the time of its launch, CareerSonar has listings from technology-based employers like Apple, Fab, Intuit, and Salesforce. By combining the best of Facebook and LinkedIn, the application may catch a wider variety of companies and job titles.

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