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Facebook Ads Manager Users Can Now Preview News Feed, Right-Hand-Side Ads


Earlier this month, some users of Facebook’s Power Editor began seeing an option to preview how their ads will look in News Feed. Now it appears that the social network has extended the same functionality to its Ads Manager.

Reader Or Fialkov of Fialkov Digital shared the example below, in which Ads Manager users can see how their ads will appear in News Feed and on the right-hand side while they are in the “edit text and links” section.

Users who decide on multiple images will be able to see how each image will appear in both placements, according to Fialkov, and images smaller than 600 pixels by 225 pixels will appear in the older News Feed ad format.

Fialkov noted that this new feature is also described in Facebook’s Help Center.

Ads Manager users: Do you have this ability yet?


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