Fab Quadrupled Cyber Monday, Black Friday Sales


Social shopping site Fab sold more than $ 6.5 million worth of bearded hats, colorful knives, and 200,000 more unique products between Black Friday, November 23 and Thursday November 29, 2012.

The company reports that sales have quadrupled since 2011, when holiday sales totaled $ 1.7 million.

More than one third of the traffic this year came from Fab’s mobile apps on smartphones and tablets. This year iPad sales almost matched the number of iPhone sales, compared to a 40/60 split between the two devices in 2011.

The conversion rates were also higher – the company reports that 10 percent of every login to Fab resulted in a purchase.

Sales peaked on Cyber Monday at $ 1.3 million, up from $ 350,000 on the same day last year. The site averaged $ 933,500 per day during this time frame, with the average order being 10 percent higher than previous weeks.

The top products were as follows:

  1. glove.ly Classic
  2. 10 Piece Knife Set Multi Color
  3. Brooklyn Slate Board 10×14 Black
  4. The Mountain Pug Tee
  5. Weiner Dog Oil & Vinegar Set
  6. Beardo Bendable Mo
  7. More Varieties Of Beer Poster.
  8. Aquaovo Therm-O
  9. Octopus Creature Cup Set Blue
  10. The Original Cuppow Lid

Fab credits repeat buyers for contributing 60 percent of the sales.

(One pug shirt is never enough.)

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