F8: Facebook Testing Mobile Install Notifications


SendToMobile650Developers looking for a way to more closely tie their applications together with their websites will soon have a solution, compliments of Facebook, which announced at its F8 global developer conference in San Francisco Wednesday that it is beta-testing a feature it is calling mobile install notifications.

Here are the details on the feature, from the social network’s documentation:

This feature is currently in beta. At this time, it may be visible to Facebook developers when they install any eligible app. We hope to roll this feature our more broadly in the future.

If you operate a website alongside your mobile apps, it’s likely that you’ll want to help the people who use your website to discover and download your mobile apps.

When you implement Facebook Login on your website and within either or both of your iOS or Android apps, Facebook will give the people who login to your website an opportunity to receive a push notification, which takes them to the App Store or Google Play to discover and install your mobile apps.

If your app is eligible for this feature, people who login to your website will see a checkbox within the login dialog asking them to “Send a link to get {your-app} on your phone.”

If they choose to have the link sent to their phone, once they login to your website, they will instantly receive a push notification from Facebook.

Tapping on this notification will send the user to the App Store on iOS or Google Play on Android to let them easily download and install your app.

Your app is automatically eligible for mobile install notifications as soon as you have:

  • Set up Facebook Login on your website. You must be using at least version 2.0.
  • Integrated Facebook Login into your iOS or Android app.
  • Listed your app in the Android or iOS app store.

Once those settings are made, Facebook Login on the web will automatically offer to send a notification to install your app.

Developers: Are you anxious for the launch of this feature?