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Expion, Ignite Social Media Team Up On Social Advocator For Fans App For Facebook Brand Advocates


Brand advocates can be an essential cog in the Facebook marketing machine, and social media software company Expion teamed up with agency Ignite Social Media on Social Advocator for Fans, an application that provides those influencers with customized content that they can share with their Facebook friends and followers on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Social Advocator for Fans allows brands to push unique content directly to brand advocates, and Expion and Ignite Social Media said that all content included with the launch of the app will be tailored toward individual fans and designed for consumer-to-consumer sharing.

Automaker Jeep is one of the initial brands deploying Social Advocator for Fans.

Expion CEO Peter Heffring said in a release announcing the app:

Social Advocator is transforming the ways brands think about influencer marketing. Facebook has become more saturated with content and users, but with Social Advocator, they can bypass the clutter and reach their influencers and fans outside of the Facebook platform.

Ignite Social Media President Jim Tobin added:

Our clients are constantly looking for new, innovative ways to connect with their fans, and Social Advocator revolutionizes the lines of communication between brands and their potential advocates. Passion brands have the opportunity to provide content uniquely tailored to fans, which greatly increases the chances that those fans will become brand advocates.

Readers: Are there any brands you feel passionate enough about to stump for on Facebook?

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