Interior designer Anna-Grace Davidson, founder of Anna Casa design showroom, gives her tips to getting your home organised in February. ‘Whatever the size of your home, small alterations can welcome positive changes to help inspire and uplift you for the year,’ says Anna-Grace.

As we leave the first month the year of 2015 behind, it is the perfect time to consider our resolutions and ensure we stay on track to attain set goals this year. There is still time to get organised and the best place to start is your home.

I believe that your home is your sanctuary and that how your take care of your home can accurately reflect in all areas of your life. Our interiors should be a place to dream up new ideas and plans of action, so it is important that our physical environments are fresh and motivating so that we achieve both a stunning interior and personal results!

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Decluttering is the perfect place to start. Let go of the habit of hoarding and release old energy by throwing away, recycling or donating any unwanted items in your home. It is tempting to hold on to belongings but passing on anything that hasn’t been used in over 6 months will create a feeling of lightness and clarity, creating an environment in which you can grow and make way for beautiful new additions.

Stay organised and keep wares in place by using elegant storage solutions. Tall shelves will hold all of your books, photos and other decorative accessories without taking up too much floor space, whilst ottomans provide comfort and can double up as ‘tables’ as well as seating. A clean, organised and peaceful space allows us to place focus on cultivating our physical, professional and spiritual targets.

Surrounding yourself with the things you love at home will be sure to boost the mood of everyone living in the space. Place harmonising flowers, candles, artwork and decor in every room, remembering to keep your favourite books and magazines in place for added inspiration and enlightenment. Neutral coloured rooms are wonderfully relaxing can easily be updated seasonally with refreshing changes to the aesthetic throughout the year.

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Think practically about your home as this will help you spot out where you are in line with certain goals. For example, if you aim for better communication in your home make sure the TV isn’t a focal point blocking interaction in every room and if you wish to spend more mealtimes with family, check that the dinner table is clear, inviting and not overflowing with work or clutter. Want to relax and rest more? Ask yourself if your bedroom is a place of comfort where you can unwind, meditate and be rejuvenated.

Remember, your wellbeing and productivity is connected to your home as it is the foundation you operate from every day! I hope these tips help you redesign your home, bringing positive influences in your life and to achieve your goals this year.

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