Executive Personal Branding and Your Domain Name: dotCOM or dotCEO?


dotCEO executive personal branding

dotCEO executive personal branding

What’s in a domain name for executive personal branding? A lot more perception and power than you might think.

With the recent introduction of new Top Level Domains, it is now possible for executives and business leaders to define and brand their digital existence down to their domain name.

What the heck is a Top Level Domain (TLD)?

See this for the best explanation:

dotCOM vs. dotCEO TLDs

While a dotCOM address will remain a popular address for general usage, an executive now has the opportunity to differentiate themselves digitally, for instance, by claiming the new dotCEO address that has recently been released into the market. Of all of the domains available on the market, there is no other domain outside of dotCEO that can convey the same authority and power that one associates with the CEO brand.

Think about it: There can only be ONE www.NealSchaffer.CEO , right? A dotCOM is a commodity; a dotCEO domain name becomes a personal digital trademark.

I always tell people that a LinkedIn profile is the next best thing to having a home page, but if you are a CEO, a dotCEO domain is clearly the best way to both establish your unique personal branding on the Internet as well as ensuring that you put your best “face” forward to anyone that wants to find out more about you. It truly is an address for leaders and entrepreneurs who want to control their brand and reputation.

I’ve recently partnered with the social media analytics company PeopleBrowsr, who I have a long relationship with, in the roll-out of the new dotCEO domain, which just became available to the general public last Friday. In just the last few weeks, 100 of the Fortune 500 registered their dotCEO domains and 3,000 individual CEOs are on the wait list.

What does a dotCEO look like?

PeopleBrowsr understand that business leaders don’t have time to install WordPress or mess around with websites. That’s why they have been working hard to develop a simple template that can pull in your headshot, profile summary, as well as bios from the various social media sites where you may have a presence. In such a way, a top-branded website can be launched in potentially minutes.

I actually have both a dotCOM address (nealschaffer.COM running on WordPress) as well as a new nealschaffer.CEO address that clearly illustrate the difference between the two. While nealschaffer.com required investment and resources to make a reality, nealschaffer.CEO has a simple, eloquent, and well-branded look which gives me complete control of both the imagery as well as text that appears on the website – and was created in a fraction of the time. You can see what my dotCEO site looks like without clicking on the links here:

neal schaffer dotCEO

neal schaffer dotCEO

Early adopters that have joined in the rollout of dotCEO include Andrew Grill (former Kred CEO and Global Partner at IBM Interactive Experience), Catherine Oxenberg (former Dynasty actress and CEO of production company Holy Cow), Jeremy Schoemaker (web enterepreneur and founder of ShoeMoney), and Monte Cahn (domain investor and industry guru).

Have you claimed your dotCEO domain yet? To claim your own dotCEO identity, please visit http://nealschaffer.ceo/joindotceo/

For more information about the concept of dotCEO and executive personal branding from its founders, check out this promotional video:

A New Era for Domain Branding?

dotCEOs aren’t the only new domain on the block: dotMARKETING, dotCONSULTING, dotSOCIAL, and dotAGENCY are just a few examples of many other new Top Level Domains that have been released in just the last several weeks.

Which brings up a larger question to ponder: Do you think ”Domain Branding” will become a new trend in the future?

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