Evolve or Die: 5 Industries Radically Changed By The Internet


Many consider the Internet to be the single most important shift in culture, society, and business. No other technological innovation has impacted things more than the Internet, and as a result, several industries were born, killed, and radically changed. The five major industries impacted by the Internet include: music, retail, publishing, travel, and transport.

The music industry welcomed Spotify and iTunes, two massive entities born in the digital age, Meanwhile, CD sales continue to decline. Retail said goodbye to Blockbuster, the former king of in-store movie rentals, but now, we only hear about Netflix, Amazon, and other online streaming services. Speaking of Amazon, many individuals consider them as the unmatched ruler of online shopping.

To see other industries that were completely flipped as a result of the Internet, and which companies came out on top, especially in the United Kingdom, check out the infographic below from CompanyDebt.


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