Everything You Need to Know About Gmail’s Latest Update




Gmail had a little work done lately, and it’s looking good.

The latest version of the web’s favorite email client comes with a host of new features, ready to help you reach Inbox Zero. But with new updates rolling out every month or so, it’s hard to keep track of the latest tools. Just when you think you know it all, one little change can completely impact your whole experience.

We’ve rounded up the latest features so you can reclaim your title as Gmail Master. Here’s the definitive guide to the latest updates

1. Download Attachments to Google Drive

A major change, new Gmail revamped its attachment UI. Instead of downloading attachments to your desktop’s Downloads folder — and honestly, who knows what you’ve lost in that mess — you now have the option to save everything straight to Google Drive. You can even send the download to a specific folder within Drive. Read more…

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