Every Step You Take, Foursquare Will Be Watching You


Foursquare has just announced a new setting that gives users instant updates on their closest friends. Good for tracking trips to the airport and other “glacier-climbing, fermented-shark eating adventures,”  foursquare’s “Always On” setting can keep your friends close even when all your other check-in notifications are turned off.

Lately, foursquare has been more about discovering new places than checking into them. But the 2.5 billion past check-ins from more than 25,000,000 foursquare users around the world are what power the recommendations that show up on Foursquare’s map, which users can access online or from their mobile devices.

Earlier in September, the team described how foursquare planned to personalize the experience for each user: ‘We don’t give one-size-fits-all results; we make the smartest, most personalized recommendations possible. That means we do things like show you a local coffee shop that 3 of your friends have been to before we show you a national chain, give you an array of excellent hot dog choices when you first arrive in Chicago, and help you figure out where to get dessert after you’ve checked in at dinner.’

The “Always On” button will help foursquare enhance the experience.

Homepage image by Callahan via Shutterstock.

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