Eventbrite Takes Another Jab at Ticketmaster With Reserved Seating




Eventbrite, the popular ticketing service for smaller events, just took another step toward upending the traditional ticketing industry and bigger players like Ticketmaster.

Eventbrite announced a new self-service seat reservation option on Wednesday to help users organize events of any size, whether it be a community center, a church or an air show. The feature is free and lets users customize seating maps for different event spaces and set ticket prices using drag and drop tools.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 9.24.44 AM

“This version of our reserved seating product, and really what we think is the most important, is the non-traditional venue spaces,” Julia Hartz, cofounder and president of Eventbrite, told Mashable in a recent interview. “We imagine that we will develop this product over time to include more traditional uses likes box office that will directly tie into a venue’s backend system.” Read more…

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