Europe’s Highest Court Says a Plane Sitting on a Tarmac Hasn’t Really Arrived




The European Union’s highest court understands what it feels like to be stuck on an airplane. In a ruling Thursday, the court determined that a flight has not officially “arrived” at its destination until one of the doors has opened

Airlines have argued that a flight arrives when it touches down on the runway. While that may be technically true, it does not account for the time passengers spend on a plane as it taxis to a gate and waiting for crews to set up stairs or a bridge to the terminal.

In Europe, passengers on flights that arrive more than three hours after the scheduled time can collect 250 euros ($ 324) in compensation. A man whose flight from Salzburg, Austria, to Cologne, Germany, did not open its doors until three hours and three minutes after the scheduled arrival time thought he was owed the money. Read more…

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