Essential Google Analytics Resources for Marketers: A Complete Guide


social media how toDo you want to learn how to measure and analyze your social media marketing efforts?

Are you looking for a resource to help you improve your use of Google Analytics?

Whether you’re marketing on social media as an individual or as a brand, these expert articles will help you track and analyze social media referral traffic, custom segments, split tests, conversions from social media and more.

Each of these articles will help you understand and master a specific part of analyzing social media marketing data from Google Analytics.

Begin With the Basics

How to Use Google Analytics: Getting Started: Do you need a deeper understanding of Google Analytics? Do you know what data each section of Google Analytics offers? A few important details and settings can improve your Google Analytics reporting. This article shows the basics of navigating Google Analytics and what you need to set up now.

essential google analytics resources

Discover essential Google Analytics resources for marketers.

How to Use Google Analytics Data to Improve Your Marketing: Do you want to know more about your website visitors? Understanding the demographics, behaviors and interests of your visitors improves your online marketing. Here’s how to use the data found in the Google Analytics Audience section to learn more.

How to Use Google Analytics Acquisition Reports to Know Where People Are Coming From: Do you want to know how people are finding your website? When you know your biggest traffic sources, you have a better idea of where to spend your time and money. Here’s how Google Analytics Acquisition reports can help you drive traffic and sales.

kristi hines social media examiner google analytics article

Learn more about the people who visit and convert on your website.

How to Use Google Analytics Behavior Reports to Optimize Your Content: Do you want to know what content performs best on your website? Knowing how visitors move through your website and interact with your content lets you optimize your website performance and conversions. This article shows how to assess your content and audience behavior with Behavior reports.

How to Increase Your Conversions Using Google Analytics Conversions Reports: Do you understand how your website visitors convert? Are you tracking conversion goals? Knowing how visitors convert on your website can help you improve your marketing. This article dives into Google Analytics Conversions reports to find data that will help you optimize for conversions.

How to Use Google Analytics Custom Segments, Reports and Dashboards: Do you want more from Google Analytics than standard reports? Did you know you can get custom data? Google Analytics lets you create custom segments, dashboards and reports to find the information that’s most relevant to your business. This article shows how to use Google Analytics’ custom segments, dashboards and reports.

kristi hines social media examiner google analytics article

Discover how to customize the data you pull from Google Analytics.

6 New Google Analytics Features for Marketers: Do you use Google Analytics to help you make marketing decisions? Are you familiar with the latest changes to Google Analytics? Google’s switch to secure search resulted in a larger return of “not provided” keyword data in Analytics reports. The loss of keyword data was quite a blow for marketers who used the information to guide their marketing and content creation. Here’s how to use those Google Analytics changes to easily track conversion data and make better marketing decisions for your business.

Understand Your Audience

How to Create Buyer Personas With Google Analytics: Do you want to learn more about your social media followers? Have you created social media buyer personas? Buyer personas go beyond the definition of your target audience. You use them to create fictional identities that represent people within your target audience who share similarities. This article shows how to create buyer personas for your social media audience using Google Analytics.

ben jacobson social media examiner google analytics article

Find out how to market to your target audience.

How to Increase Your Facebook Conversions Using Google Analytics: Do you know who’s buying your products on your website? Have you considered combining the power of Google Analytics with your Facebook Insights? This article shows how to identify your optimum audience and find the Facebook fans who are most likely to convert.

Refine Your Marketing

How to Use Google Analytics to Run a Social Media Split Test: Have you used Google Analytics to get an idea of what content your audience responds to most? Have you tried split testing? Using Google Analytics gives you an idea of which social media tactics are working so you can change directions if needed. Here’s how to use Google Analytics to run a social media split test, to see which social media tactics are working.

kiera stein social media examiner google analytics article

Find out which content and campaigns work best for you.

Google Analytics: How to Make Smart Marketing Decisions: Do you want to know if your content and social activities are supporting your business? Are you wondering how you can use Google Analytics to track your progress? In this episode of the Social Media Marketing Podcast, Andy Crestodina, author of Content Chemistry, co-founder of Orbit Media and Google Analytics expert, shares how to use Google Analytics to help you make informed marketing choices. Listen to discover why analytics are so important to your business success and hear step-by-step instructions on how you can get started.

How to Find Hidden Social Media Referral Traffic With Google Analytics: Do you know where all of your social traffic is coming from? Want more detailed information on social media referral traffic? The Google Analytics’ Social Network Referrals report gives you a top-level snapshot of social media referral traffic, but it may not show you everything. This article shows you how to create custom URLs to find so-called dark social media referral traffic.

Calculate Your ROI

How to Measure Your Social Media ROI Using Google Analytics: Do you want to understand your social media ROI? Are you tracking the customer journey in Google Analytics? This article shares how to collect and analyze the data you need to properly calculate how social media marketing impacts your business.

nichole kelly social media examiner google analytics article

Understand and report on your social media ROI.

Save Time With Shortcuts and Third-Party Tools

Five Google Analytics Shortcuts to Speed Your Analysis: Do you spend too much time watching and reporting your analytics? Do you want to streamline your analysis process? Monitoring and reporting Google Analytics data can easily turn into a full-time job by itself, but it doesn’t have to. This article shows how to set up five Google Analytics shortcuts for managing your reports.

andy crestodina social media examiner google analytics article

Use shortcuts to streamline processing of Google Analytics data.

9 Google Analytics Tips to Improve Your Marketing: Are you leveraging the many apps, tools and plugins that work with Google Analytics? Integrating data from third-party tools, plugins and platforms with Google Analytics helps you gain insight about your online marketing efforts. This article shares nine Google Analytics tips to improve your marketing.

To find more tips, tactics and strategies, view a complete library of analytics articles.

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