ERP Software Behind the Scene in Tech Manufacturing


ERP Software Behind the Scene

ERP software systems help businesses and organizations run smoothly around the globe. Large, small and , including those in tech manufacturing, heavily rely on these convenient and efficient applications to stay on track. The interconnected apps automate many tasks, which can streamline their operation. ERP Companies like are leading the industry.

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What ERP Software Apps Can Do

There are many areas in the tech industry that apps can help companies manage. For example, they can:

• Schedule production

• Manage routes

• Quote online prices

• Convert sales orders

• Manage multiple UOMs (units of measure)

• Keep track of kitting and assembly


Apps can manage the distribution process within a tech-manufacturing facility. There are multiple aspects involved in distribution, including:

• Managing orders

• Manage pricing

• Quoting

• Estimating

• Keeping track of inventory

• Planning

• Tracing lots

• Shipping

Assembly and Kitting

Manufactured kits must be properly tracked and assembled in order to manage labor and routing. Some of the tasks ERP software can assist with include:

• Monitoring serial numbers

• Tracking costs

• Supporting multi-level bills for material

• Assembly and disassembly

Managing Pricing

A fully integrated software system can handle orders, quotes, and customer relationship management. Appropriate pricing techniques can help with customer retention and profitability. Some of the features include:

• Dating price sheets

• Calculating discounts

• Organizing price sheets by customer or groups of customers

• Supporting formulas, matrixes, units of measure, lead-time, and attributes

Inventory Management

An integral part of an handles the management of inventory. This is a multi-faceted portion of tech manufacturing, which includes:

• Planning

• Procurement

• Warehouse management

• Financial management

• Order management

• Project accounting

• Business intelligence

Barcodes in the Wireless Warehouse

Today’s tech manufacturing software can handle barcode tasks and functionality, which can streamline managing the warehouse. ERP systems can take care of barcode printing and reading on:

• Pick tickets

• Work orders

• Packing slips

Apps can also print labels for pallets, license plates, locations, and products.

Inventory Restocking

Another crucial part of managing the tech plants and warehouses is replenishing the inventory. In order to keep customers happy because the products they want are available and ready to ship, there must be efficient restocking practices. ERP software can:

• Provide a complete view of inventory

• Enable greater control over the inventory

• Improve profit margins


Getting products to the customers is a crucial part of the supply chain in a manufacturing plant and warehouse. Some of the ways mobile apps can streamline shipping include:

• Loads can be consolidated.

• Rates can be shopped.

• Routes can be optimized.

• Shipping labels can be automatically generated.

• Carriers can be assigned to specific routes.

• Yards and trailers can be managed.

• Cancellations can be handled efficiently.

Financial Processing

Billing for services, products, and shipping is important in tech manufacturing. Apps can handle inbound and outbound transactions, such as:

• Order acknowledgements

• Invoices

• Purchase orders

• Vendor invoices

can be set up to accommodate cash payments, credit card transactions, and collections procedures, as necessary.

There are plenty of behind-the-scene actions taking place at tech-manufacturing companies. In order to keep track of the products they manufacture, there are multiple steps businesses must move through. If all the details are taken care of, products can be delivered to customers promptly, which is a win-win for all concerned.

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