The Ohla Boutique Bar is an exceptional bar in Barcelona that is perfect for those of you jumping on a plane to escape Britain’s cold winter nights. Change up your view of buildings and walls to that of Barca’s beautiful sky and vibrant night scene.

Ohla Boutique Bar, Barcelona

In Three Words: Innovative, Inspired, Accomplished

The Lowdown: If you do find yourself in Barcelona, and have a hankering for a superbly made-cocktail that exceeds your expectations and causes a smile of delight, then look no further than Ohla Boutique Bar. Part of the Ohla hotel, this gorgeous little space has only been open for three years and yet has been making waves on the cocktail scene. This is partly due to the role of the award-winning bar manager Giuseppe Santamaria, who has created a list of drinks that aim to be a ‘unique liquid experience’.

The menu is an absolute delight, with something for everyone’s tastebuds. You can be sure that nothing run-of-the-mill will be served – after all, Ohla has been voted one of the ‘Top 10 Bars in the World’ at the 2014 Drinks International Awards, and this just adds to their list of accolades. Sit back in one of the massive, throne-like chairs and watch the city unfold around you, or head up to the rooftop bar to enjoy the stunning views of Barcelona.

Ohla Boutique Bar

Your Plus One: Someone who appreciates a good cocktail and has experienced many of the best places in London – they’ll love adding Ohla to their list of favourite bars in the world. Also perfect for anyone who loves a sense of occasion and theatre to their drinks. Trust us when we say each delivery is unique!

The Decor: A mixture of trendy style, comfortable design and quirky additions. The bar and back wall have pale wooden blocks to showcase various little treasures, a gramophone and trophies included. While those huge red chairs are great fun to relax in. A little glitter ball high on the ceiling adds some tongue-in-cheek frivolity.

Cocktail Highlights: The list is full of award-winning and speciality cocktails, all with their own unique twists. There are about 45 different libations that play with the idea of ‘liquid gastronomy’ – a truly superb experience for your tastebuds. The ‘Lady of the Night’ is accompanied by your own gramophone-serenade and is served in a gorgeous little teacup. A mixture of gin, lemon, honey blossom, and camomile that is made frothy with egg; it’s refreshing and silky all at once. Another must-order is their martini – it arrives crystal clear and chilled at minus 20 degrees, and the addition of Mediterranean spray evokes a sea breeze by the harbour. Plus, the sound effects of the shaker are just brilliant.

Cocktail C

Something to Soak Up the Booze: There are nuts and olives to nibble, but this a place where the cocktails reign supreme and food should be an afterthought – you’re experiencing liquid cuisine, after all. If you do get peckish then there’s a highly recommended restaurant within the hotel that plays even further with gastronomic excellence.

Burning a Hole? Cocktails are about fifteen euros each, so you’ll never be paying more than you would for this class of cocktail in London. It might seem a little on the steep side but trust us, for the experience, and the chance to drink in such an acclaimed bar with superb bartenders, it is definitely worth it.

ohla bar

Overall: One of the great things about travel is opening your eyes to new things, and Ohla bar certainly offers an opportunity to do just this. If you’re always on the hunt to indulge in a new drinking experience then there is no better recommendation; the creativity and theatre involved in creating these unique and delicious drinks will mean your love of Ohla won’t just become a holiday-romance.

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