‘Ender’s Game’ Film Took Zero Gravity Tips From Real-Life Astronaut




The minds behind the movie Ender’s Game had a little help bringing their version of the beloved science-fiction book by Orson Scott Card to life.

Ender’s Game focuses on the life of the gifted child, Ender Wiggin, a boy recruited to leave Earth and head to Battle School — a future space station orbiting the planet — to learn how to stop an alien race from pushing the human race into extinction. Much of the action in the Battle School takes place in the battle room — a weightless part of the station where teams of students train and battle during strategic games with one another.

Former astronaut Greg Chamitoff advised the cast and crew of the movie during production. The spaceflight veteran gave the filmmakers photos, videos and suggested dialogue that might make the spaceflight aspects of the film more realistic. He also gave the young actors of Ender’s Game advice on what life in space is like, particularly when it came to moving in zero gravity Read more…

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