‘Empire’ recap: Dead men tell no tales




Andre Lyon is finally in his father’s good graces, but it comes at a deadly cost

The eldest Lyon son finally came out on top in the latest episode of Empire, digging up the dead body of Vernon in order to win his father’s trust back. Why were they digging up the body, you ask? So they could drop it off in prosecutor Roxanne Ford’s car Godfather-style

Hence the episode’s Shakespearean title “Poor Yorick.”

Although Andre was the only character who ultimately got what he wanted, the rest of the Lyon pride faced some serious ups and downs. The beginning of the episode sees the FBI clamor their way through Empire, desperate to pin any sort of crime on Lucious. They bust into the office while Jamal is doing an interview for his first solo Rolling Stone cover (lest you forget he’s a big star) Read more…

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