Embrace the “One to One to Many” Approach by Working with Bloggers


One to one to many: One person from your brand teams up with one influencer who talks about your brand to their many followers.

Working with bloggers not only embraces this strategy through the posts they write, but through their varied social media presences as well.

Bloggers can be some of the most effective voices of your brand. Instead of running a blog-focused strategy, think beyond the blog and leverage the many digital channels on which the bloggers you work with have a presence.

Just Like Your Brand, They’re Building an Image

To be successful, bloggers have presences on a variety of digital channels. Fashion and DIY bloggers tend to be very active on Pinterest while B2B bloggers are active on LinkedIn and restaurant/foodie review bloggers seem to love Facebook.

Instead of reaching out to a blogger with a blog-focused strategy, consider developing a plan that makes use of all their digital channels.

Why Start with Bloggers

Though I utilize tactics across many digital channels and work with clients who do the same, something I’ve noticed repeatedly is that bloggers make the best starting point or springboard for reaching out to one person to reach many people.

First of all, bloggers are easier to search for contextually. Whether you’re googling certain people or using a blogger outreach tool, it’s easy to find a niche group of influencers. Whether you’re searching through post titles, blog titles or content, there are many clues that identify whether or not a blogger is a good fit.

Once you have your list of target blogs, then it’s easy to delete the bloggers on the list who aren’t active on the social channel or the particular channels that you need. If you’re a GroupHigh user, you can pull a list of bloggers who are active on the social channels you’re targeting.

Bloggers can be easy to pitch. Because you can check out their posts, about pages and such, you can easily learn a lot about the person and leverage this when reaching out.

Most Important: How!

When reaching out to bloggers and utilizing the “one to one to many” approach, it’s best to have a clear plan in mind from the very beginning.

You already know which channels on which your brand performs best, so it’s a matter of planning how to creatively tie your campaign together with a blog post then the subsequent pins and tweets!

Things to keep in mind:

  • Make it easy for bloggers to tie their mentions of your brand and all channels together
  • If you’re working with Facebook or Pinterest, figure out how you want your bloggers to create these visually-driven pieces of content. Either provide them images or send photo-worthy snapshots from your brand
  • Provide enough information. Things like hashtags, brand/product information, logos and such are all crucial
  • Think of a way to engage the bloggers on an ongoing basis. Help them weave your brand in to all of their channels organically by sending them email updates, free products and interesting inside information.

I learn best from example and my favorite example was when Daily’s Cocktails and Wholly Guacamole teamed up with bloggers to promote their products. However, they didn’t just ask for blog posts, they also had their bloggers host a tweet chat. Here’s an extreme inside look at their strategy.

Do you have any tips to share when it comes to working with influencers across many channels? Would love to hear from you in the comments below!

About the Author:

Kristen Matthews

This monthly Blogger Outreach column is contributed by Kristen Matthews. Kristen is the marketing and community manager for GroupHigh in Boulder, Colorado. A constant thirst for creativity has driven her in to this profession because it’s full of writing and new ideas. Kristen is passionate about content marketing and blogging because of the collaborative aspects these trends in marketing have taken. Kristen on Google+

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