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Storify has been working with Twitter to support Embedded Tweets and their new Headlines functionality for publishers online.

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Tue, Aug 20 2013 12:40:56

Today we’re excited to show off the results of some direct work with Twitter to bring Embedded Tweets to the Storify platform. As of now, all tweets in Storify stories will display in Twitter’s Embedded Tweets format!
Twitter has been improving Embedded Tweets format for some time, adding rich content and context wherever these tweets are displayed. By switching to the Embedded Tweet format, we’re enabling everyone to enjoy Storify’s ease-of-use along with the advantages of Embedded Tweets such as Headlines and an updated look.

Headlines: Every tweet has a story

As part of our partnering up with Twitter on this, we’re enabling the just-announced “Headlines” functionality they’ve built into Embedded Tweets:
With Headlines, Twitter’s hoping to help “surface the stories behind a tweet” and make interesting content from websites more discoverable. Their developer blog explains how along with an example:

Today we’re rolling out a new feature for publishers using Embedded Tweets that connects articles about the Tweet with the Tweet itself.  When you embed Tweets in your content, the headline of your article and Twitter account will be surfaced on the Tweet’s permalink page for all to see.  We think this will help more people discover the larger story behind the Tweet, drive clicks to your articles, and help grow your audience on Twitter.

As of today, Storify supports Embedded Tweets across the service, meaning publishers using Storify will enjoy the benefits of Twitter Headlines in the coming days and weeks.

Embedded Tweets on Storify: New look, same great haste

This is the first time the look and functionality of Twitter’s Embedded Tweets has been combined with Storify’s easy, drag-and-drop interface for finding and quoting tweets and other public content quickly.
Nothing’s changed in our story editor — you can find and add tweets to your story from the Twitter source as usual. When you publish your story, any tweets in it are automatically converted to the Embedded Tweets format for you.
To get a sense of how this looks, say you added this recent tweet to a story and published it. Here’s how it would’ve previously been displayed:
Example Tweet on Storify ·
And here it is in Embedded Tweet format:
Happy Birthday President @BillClinton! (there’s still time to sign his card. Click here: j.mp/15UfQvp) pic.twitter.com/ny3NqTOX3h ·
The Democrats
Avid Storify users will notice a few welcome additions the Embedded Tweets format brings, such as: 
• The tweet’s owner is clearly attributed at the top
• The number of retweets and favorites is shown at the bottom
• The timestamp displayed is exact to the minute
As the Embedded Tweet format evolves and Twitter adds even more functionality to it, these updates will be incorporated into the tweets in your Storify stories automatically. 

Other fun facts about Storify and Embedded Tweets

Approved publishers using Storify should see their content in “Related headlines” soon. As mentioned in Twitter’s announcement, they’ll be rolling out Headlines to a growing list of approved publishers and partners at first. Our move to Embedded Tweets means these publishers will still be able to embed Storify content on their sites and enjoy the benefits of the Headlines feature in the coming days.
Deleted tweets stay in stories. It’s always been the case that quoted tweets stick around on Storify even if the original public tweet is deleted. This won’t change as part of our move to Twitter’s Embedded Tweets.

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