eMarketer: Sunny Outlook for Mobile, Social Advertising in 2013


mobile, tablet, social networks, social media, The digital marketing research firm eMarketer has substantially revised its previous estimates for mobile advertising spending in 2012 from $ 2.61 billion to $ 4 billion, nearly double the 2011 number. The company is also bullish on social marketing, expecting 1 in 10 total digital ad dollars to go to social networks.

“US mobile ad spending is growing faster than previously expected, due in large part to the success of so-called ‘native’ ad formats like Facebook’s mobile newsfeed ads and Twitter’s Promoted Products,” the company said in a news release.

The firm expects mobile ad spending to nearly double again in 2013 to reach $ 7.19 billion.

eMarketer also released an overview of studies tallying social media advertising, finding that 92 percent of advertisers are placing ads on social networks. By far the most popular platform was Facebook.

Businesses will likely continue to invest in social advertising in 2013, eMarketer said. Two-fifths of global business executives planned to boost Facebook marketing spending next year. Nearly a quarter planned to spend more on Twitter. Just 15 percent plan to spend more on Pinterest.

Users were most likely to connect with a brand on Facebook. More than three quarters of U.S. Internet users did so in October of this year. Just 6 percent connected with a brand on Twitter, while 14 percent did so on Google+. Google+ edged out YouTube, which Google touts as a powerful platform for brands.

Both Google+ and Pinterest saw significant growth in reported ad sales in the third quarter. Roughly one in four U.S. ad agencies is likely to use each of these networks for clients’ social media campaigns.

Image: yukipon / Shutterstock.com

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