Effective Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom


Learning has become easier with the inception of Social media. It is the effective way of communication that offers you with a number of socializing tools. These tools boost the ability to collaborate and help entrance worldwide resources so that everyone can get optimal benefits.

Twitter is one of the fantastic options that can be used in classrooms as an innovative teaching tool. Being a teacher, you can share and communicate a variety of inspiring ideas that helps improve your teaching process. Let’s see how it works successfully:

  1. Looping students

    If you want to gather all the students in a solid loop, then nothing can be effective than Twitter. It keeps students in a string by using hashtags. This practice provides a platform to those students who were not present in the class and want to stay top on the conversation.

  2. Co-ordinate during assignments

    Twitter promotes fullest co-ordination to the students during their semesters and exam season for the possible assignment help. Your students can easily co-operate on imperative projects along with keeping a track on changes by using hashtags.

  3. Engage students in large lectures

    During large lecture sessions, it is usually quite difficult to manage all the students for further participation because of certain logistic problems. By the help of twitter, students can comfortably discuss things during class timings.

  4. Provide quick feedback

    Class discussions become boring due to the lack of instant feedback. Twitter makes it possible to get quick approval or disapproval of certain issues and discussions so that the process of learning is improved in a successful manner.

  5. Encourage parents to get updates

    Twitter is the best source to update parents about their child’s activities, exams results and weekly performances. You can send tweets to the parents for keeping them updated regarding each and everything about their child.

  6. Promote faculty communication

    You can use Twitter to get connected with the other professors to plan and organize syllabus, to discuss powerful teaching methods and other issues. By this, you can sort out so many solutions of different teaching related problems.

  7. Set alerts on completed assignments

    Students can easily set alerts on Twitter to tell their teachers that they have done with the given assignments. By this, teachers remain updated about further work progress.

  8. Share bite-sized information

    Twitter assists in sharing medical terminologies, quotes of renowned poets, kindergarten activities and lot more things for increased knowledge. This generates interest in students to learn more on a regular basis.

  9. Display quizzes

    You can even send a quiz on Twitter to induce students for further participation. Set some bonus points in the classroom so that students take more interest to play it.

  10. Set recaps of the whole day

    At the end of the day, you can summarize the entire lecture of the day on Twitter so that the students can get a flashback of what they have learnt today. This helps those students who need to recall the lectures once again just to keep them fresh in their minds.

  11. Evaluate sources

    Twitter can be used to share a number of sources to check their credibility. By this, students can determine which source is more reliable to obtain info.

  12. Encourage communication with experts

    High school students can easily talk to the career experts on Twitter for developing a clear understanding about bright future prospects.

The use of Twitter in a classroom provides benefits to both teacher and the student. So isn’t it great to derive maximum advantage from it?

This article had firstly appeared on the Huffingtonpost UK and has been republished here by the author’s permission.

Co-authored by Kristy Smith, project manager at Assignment Labs.