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EFF Off: Pando reporter politely, fittingly evicted from anti-surveillance workshop


EFF-logo-plain-300Earlier today, I wrote about my experience at the Defend the Bay Area anti-tech protest meeting. I also mentioned that I’d be attending the group’s EFF-backed workshop on Crypto Anti-Surveillance Training.

I spoke too soon.

Moments after sitting down among a crowd of some 20 folks, participants who recognized me from the previous event stopped the workshop to identify me as a reporter and inform me that meetings of Eviction Free SF, who was hosting the event at the storefront offices of the Housing Rights Committee, are press-free. I holstered my pen and volunteered to leave.

It wasn’t a hostile exchange, and was in fact about as polite a way to tell someone they weren’t welcome as could be imagined.

Still, I’ll leave the reader to decide if it’s ironic, fitting or both for a reporter to be evicted from an anti-surveillance workshop, held by a pro-press freedom group, inside the offices of an anti-eviction organization.

[Image: EFF]