Edward Snowden 2015 says #BlackLivesMatter, as 2009 Snowden rolls up his windows and locks the doors


Edward Snowden has a PR problem. 

With international condemnation of Russia continuing to mount, this isn’t the ideal time to be an American whistleblower, sitting in Moscow under FSB protection, hurling insults at your own side.

Little wonder, then, that Snowden recently joined Twitter, where he has been working hard to remind us all of his hero status, and to ally himself with as many popular causes as he can find. 

Last week, he came out in support of Matthew Keys, who he claimed was “facing” 25 years in prison for helping hackers deface the LA Times website. To underscore his point, Snowden used the hashtag “#PrisonPolicy.”  Sadly Twitter’s 140 character limit prevented him from making any comment on Russia’s use of prison, or even murder, to deter free speech.

This week, Snowden – currently living in a country where, according to Amnesty International, “violent racism is out of control” – is hitching his wagon to the Black Lives Matter campaign…

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