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BOE quizzed Dubai-based Sarah Bladen about the change from celebrity magazine Editor to launching On Cloud Zen and becoming Zen meditation teacher. She also writes columns for Telegraph on living in Dubai. Read on and find out about her favourite celeb interviews and the new zen life in Dubai.

What is it that made you go from the celebrity world to wellbeing?
Life is always changing and I think it’s important to evolve with it. I knew it was the right time for me to leave my job as editor of a celebrity magazine as I was ready to move on to the next thing. Also, I was adamant that I didn’t want to continue climbing up the publishing house ladder. After five years of weekly deadlines, I was keen to manage my own time. So setting up my blog, On Cloud Zen, was a way of me combining my passion for writing and wellness.

How different is your new wellbeing world to that of being an editor of a celebrity magazine?
When I was the Editor of OK! Middle East, I had a hectic schedule; attending media events almost every evening. It was fun at first, but after some time I got tired of hearing the same old conversations and I craved more substance and that’s what the wellbeing world provides. Today, I’m lucky enough to have a healthy balance – besides writing, I have time to see my family and friends and for yoga, horse riding and dance classes.

How is the wellbeing, yoga and Zen scene in Dubai?
There is a growing yogic community here. A few years ago, there were hardly any Zen events, now it’s a flourishing market. Since Dubai is fast-paced and materialistic, it’s also spiritually thirsty and so people are eager to try everything from Kundalini Meditation to Holotropic Breathing.

What do you miss most about being Editor of OK! Middle East?
Probably the press trips. I was lucky enough to travel to some amazing places – one of the most memorable trips was a safari in Kenya, staying at a boutique lodge, meeting local tribesmen and unexpectedly being chased by a wildebeest in the middle of the night!

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